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Burn & Plastic Surgery

Timing : Monday to Saturday 2 pm to 4 pm

We provide comprehensive burn care, including life-threatening injuries. Ourunit provides the most advanced, innovative care for the treatment of all degrees of burns.

Degree Burns
– This
involves epidermis (outermost layer of the cells). These types of burns heal
without scarring; for example – extreme sunburn.

Degree (Superficial) Burns
– This involves epidermis and superficial part of dermis (the sensitive
connective tissue layer of the skin located below the epidermis).These types of
burns usually heal with intensive care and frequent aseptic dressings at the
Burns Unit within 3 weeks with some scarring.

Degree (Deep) Burns

– This involves epidermis and deep dermis. These types of burns take a long
time to heal with appreciable scarring. These types of burns generally require
Skin Grafting in a specialized Burns Unit.

Degree Burns
– – In
this case, the full thickness of the skin, including the muscles, is burnt.
These types of burns require excision and skin grafting in an advanced Burns

Our ICU is
well equipped to handle all the above mentioned degrees of burn cases.

The Department of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery employs meticulous surgical
techniques and procedures to mold and tailor the various tissues of the body.
We offer innovative treatments and advanced reconstructive transplant procedures with compassionate care.We have the best, safe and modern facilities that cater to international standards of care and treatment, in order to enhance the appearance of people. ShriSankalpHospital  is proverbial best in technology to perform effective minimally invasive cosmetic procedures. The medical expertise of our surgeon coupled with technological grip ensures personalized treatment for all.Patients who experience traumatic injuries and conditions that caused disfigurement and pain are provided with specialized care and are suggested treatment regime that improves their recovery. The highly qualified, competent team of surgeons perform hand surgery and other reconstructive surgeries to improve quality of life of patients. 


  •        Rhinoplasty
  •        Eyelid surgery
  •        Breast reduction
  •        Breast lift
  •        Tummy tuck
  •        Hair transplant
  •        Laser resurfacing
  •        Laser hair removal
  •        Liposuction   

Specialist : Dr. Krishnanand Dhruw – MS Mch (burn, plastic, & cosmetic surgery)