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Cardiac And Vascular Sciences

A World Class Offering That Embraces All The New Age Practices And Processes To Deliver To You the Best Possible Care And Cure.

The Cardiology Department of Shri Sankalp Hospital has a pool of highly skilled and specialized Doctors, Nurses, Cardiovascular and Cath Lab Technicians. The Hospital provides intensive Cardiac

Care, diagnosis and treatment of Cardiac and peripheral vascular diseases. It is equipped with the latest technologies for Cardiac Catherizations and Angiography, Angioplasty, Valvuloplasty, Echo, Holter and Stress testing.


There are many PROCEDURES that are available IN INTERVENTION CARDIOLOGY. Our specialists choose the one most suitable for your ailment after carrying out a complete examination.


  • Computerized Cardiac Cauterization Department with all the latest technology.

  • Coronary Angiography.

  • Coronary Angioplasty with stenting.

  • Peripheral angiography & angioplasty.

  • Valvoplasty.

  • Pacemaker implantation.

  • Intensive Coronary Care unit.

  • Peripheral Angiography & Interventions

  • Valvuloplasty-dilation of narrowed cardiac valves(usually Mitral, Aortic and pulmonary)

  • All types of pacemaker implantation

  • Cath Study

  • AICD Implantation

  • CRT-D Implantation

  • Electrophysiology Study

Non invasive cardiology:

  • Electrocardiography (ECG).

  • Echocardiography and colour Doppler

  • TMT

  • ECHO

  • Dobutamine Stress Echo

  • Transesophageal Echo

  • Holter Monitoring

  • Ambulatory BP monitoring

Emergency Services

  • Thrombolysis

  • Primary Angioplasty

  • Temporary Pacemaker Implantation

  • Pericardiocentesis

  • Acute Heart failure management

  • Acute pulmonary embolism management


Cardio-Thoracic & Vascular Surgery

The Cardiac thoracic surgical unit at Shri Sankalp Hospital has been established with the aim of providing quality cardiac surgical care for the people of Central India. Our expertise is in both adult and pediatric a cardiac surgery the surgical team consist of dedicated and committed professionals – doctors, perfusionists, physiotherapists, Physician Assistants and Nurses who have years of experiences in the field of cardiac surgery.

The infrastructure equipment and instruments in the cardiac operation theatre, ICU and the wards is world at standard. This is to provide the best cardiac surgical care at affordable cost.

Cardiac Treatment Facilities:


  • Beating Heart bypass Surgery
  • Total Arterial bypass Surgery
  • Single and Multiple valve Replacement Surgery
  • Valve repair Surgery
  • Congential heart disease surgery
  • S.D. , V.S.D. testrology of fallot Surgery , T.A.P.V.C. repair , P.D.A. , Coarctation of Aorta repair
  • Key hole heart Surgery (minimally Invasive bypass and valve Surgery)


  • Surgery for Blocked Arteries(Embolectomy, peripheral Artery Bypass)
  • Varicose Veins (Laser Ablation, Surgical Stripping)
  • Endovascular & Surgical grafting for Aneurysm (Hybrid Revasculation)


  • Lung Decortication
  • Bronchopleural Fistula repair
  • Lung cancer Surgery
  • Mediastinal (Chest) Tumors (thymoma , Mesenchymal Tumors)
  • Lobectomy and Pneumonectomy

The 8 bedded CTVS ICU has a one to one nursing ratio, round the clock. It is equipped with:

  • Infusion Pumps.
  • Defibrillator.
  • Ventilators.
  • Bedside colour doppler.
  • Echocardiography system.
  • Continuous Oxygen supply.
  • Invasive as well as non-invasive pressure monitoring systems.
  • Temporary Pace maker (transdermal as well as transvenous).
  • Intra aortic balloon pump.
  • ABG (Blood Gas Machine).
  • Electrolytes analysis machine.

Specialist : Dr. Kamal Kant Adile – MD, DM (Cardiology),AFESC

                      Dr. Nishant Singh Chandel – MS, M.CH., (CTVS)